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Overview of our service plan benefits

Our Service Plan is designed to offer hassle-free motoring and an easy way to budget for all your servicing needs. Tailored to your vehicles needs, you can choose the plan that suits you best, and spread the cost of regular servicing through simple monthly instalments, just like household bills.

Tailor Made

We will give you an individual quote to suit your needs based on your car’s service schedule, your average mileage and how many years you want the Service Plan to cover.

Plus, you can take out a Service Plan at any time of vehicle ownership. And if you decide to sell your vehicle before the end of the term of the plan, you can easily transfer it to your new vehicle.

Example of prices

Our Service Plan will cover your vehicle for its next 3 services, cost is inclusive of VAT. You can pay by monthly Direct Debit or alternatively cover the whole cost now with an upfront payment.

Fill up the form and get a precise quotation for your next services.

What’s included?

The Service Plan covers the complete cost of your standard servicing, including parts and labour, with the exception of normal wear and tear parts such as tyres, brake pads and windscreen wipers etc.

You can spread the cost with easy monthly payments with no interest to pay – so you won’t have to face an inconvenient bill. (If you prefer, you can pay in one lump sum.)

So, not only will you be able to budget easily for the cost of servicing, you could also save money. The servicing costs of your vehicle are frozen on the day you sign up, so you don’t need to worry about price rises during the term of your Service Plan.

MOT for £39 (All Makes)

We will MOT any make and model of Car. Class 1V, for £39.

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Aftersales Care

With sites in Inverurie and Balmedie, we offer convenient and accessible Aftersales care to all of our customers.

The standard of service and personal attention has secured a long standing, loyal relationship with many clients over decades of mutual trust. The Lawrence Of Kemnay culture is aimed at providing transparent Aftersales care for all repairs.

Ford feedback surveys consistently deliver high scores for customer satisfaction.
More importantly, we talk directly to our customers to ensure we listen and respond to their requirements.

Inverurie and Balmedie workshops are staffed with fully qualified, highly experienced and long serving Vehicle Technicians. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. Both are topped up with regular attendance on Ford courses to ensure we are up to date with product development.

Repair Types

Routine servicing and MOT testing are carried out at both Inverurie and Balmedie sites.

In addition, both sites are fully equipped to complete air conditioning servicing, electronic diagnostics, problem solving and routine parts replacements.

We offer fast fit tyres, exhausts, brakes, batteries and clutch replacements on ALL makes.

FREE Courtesy Cars

Lawrence Of Kemnay have a fleet of 30 FREE customer loan cars.

These are all less than 2 years old and are made available, on request, FREE of charge.

Customers are simply asked to pay for the fuel they would normally use in their own vehicle, we take care of the insurance.

Comfortable Waiting Areas

Free Wi-Fi access is available at both sites to enable customers to work or surf whilst waiting.

Flat screen TV’s with freeview digital and background music are also in situ.

Providing free daily newspapers, a selection of popular gloss magazines, fresh tea and coffee, Walkers shortbread and water coolers, your visit is guaranteed to be as comfortable as possible.

Inverurie and Balmedie customer waiting areas are both fitted with climate control to ensure the comfort of customers and staff.

Recommendations & Referrals

For generations, company philosophy has embraced the principle that the relationship only begins with the sale.

Our year on year growth in vehicle sales is testimony to the high volume of recommendations and referrals we gratefully receive.

Our customers rely on our reminder process to prompt future service and MOT due dates.

Lawrence Of Kemnay continues to work tirelessly to preserve a positive reputation for Aftersales Service.

Indeed, success in attaining such a reputation is the foundation to current sales and repeat business.

But we are not resting on our laurels.

If you feel let down in any way, please contact us immediately via

Buying the car is just the beginning.

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We do.

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