Lawrence of Kemnay


February 22 2019


Before you buy a nearly new car at an APPARENT saving Always check the Actual New Price Available.

Brand New March ‘19’ Plate Fiesta St Line saving £4,362 (based on total amount payable) compared to a Nearly New (It’s Used) Car !!!!!!!!!! (includes £1,000 trade in allowance for customers who own a non-ford or a ford over 3 years old).

On this example, not only will you get 0% APR, your monthly payment on the BRAND NEW car is £199 per month instead of £316 for a USED car.

We WILL (not can, will) supply a Brand New ‘19’ Plate car, on the road in a choice of colours and save you a HUGE amount on the total amount payable.

P.S saving money on KA+, Ecosport, All Fiesta models, All New Focus, Kuga, Edge and Ranger is also always available at Lawrence Of Kemnay.

If you are buying a delivery mileage Ford, buy it NEW from your local Ford dealer.

Please don’t pay more MORE money for LESS car.

At Lawrence Of Kemnay you are getting MORE car for LESS money and that’s what a great deal really looks like!!!!!!!!!!

Click the link below to check out the finance quote for yourself!!!

Fiesta St Line 100 3Dr

Problem with our phone lines! (14/11/2018)

Please note that we're currently experiencing a problem with our phone lines today and would ask that the following numbers are used to contact either office:

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Thank you for your patience while we find a solution.